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Shifting the realities of working parents

What is it really like to be a working parent?  We have spoken with many career-driven working parents and have heard similar stories. The reality of new parenthood was different from their expectations. They were surprised by just how intense […]

Self-care for parents

It is the season of love. Cherry red cards and candy-filled hearts abound. But how about showering so much needed attention on YOU? After all, you probably spread yourself thin all year long taking care of your family. Is now […]

Effective New Year’s intention setting for parents

New Year’s resolutions. They generally don’t work out. The goal is usually too big to be attainable quickly and it is easy to forget about the journey to the goal. Success takes planning but plans are not usually part of […]

How to take care of your pelvic floor after baby

You may have noticed that we like to talk about Pelvic Floor fitness and health.  For good reason! Your pelvic floor is incredibly important.  It supports you through your pregnancy and childbirth and after.  We talked to Marianne Ryan about […]

Strengthening your post-baby body

Many new moms are eager to get back to their old routines after having a baby, especially when it comes to exercise.  Few moms realize that starting a fitness routine post baby means starting from the basics.  When we refer […]

Pediatric occupational therapy – what is it?

Happy Occupational Therapy Month! I am so excited to help spread awareness of what occupational therapy is and how it can help children! I want to first walk you through a conversation that happens frequently in my life: Someone asking […]