About Phoebe

Helping families navigate and thrive through life’s biggest transitions.

Becoming a parent is one of the most fundamental human experiences. So why is it so upending?

The path to parenthood is full of tremendous change. No two experiences are exactly the same. For some people it is a journey with minor disruptions: lack of sleep, infant feeding challenges, and increased stress that with support and non-judgment leads to a soft landing. For others it becomes a life quake, a massive change that upends their physical health, mental health, sense of self, and professional success. It disproportionately impacts women and birth mothers, who often never recover their professional trajectory.

This is where Phoebe comes in.

Phoebe is a concierge-level, proven, mental health and wellbeing platform for expecting and working parents. We are inclusive to all parents while going the extra mile for those who struggle most, offering support from before the babe comes all the way through the first years of working parenthood.

A Note From Our CEO

“Before I become a mother, I was a research analyst at a top investment bank in New York. It was a thrilling time in my life. I had just completed my MBA at Harvard, was recently married, and feeling strong and powerful. Looking back, I could not have imagined that weeks later I would be diagnosed with severe hyperemesis, in and out of emergency rooms every 7 days for months on end, suffer a pulmonary infarction, and for the first time in my life experience crippling anxiety and depression.

I learned our healthcare system, our communities, and our workplaces are not designed to help women and families get the level of care and support they need. My experience profoundly challenged how I view the world. When I returned to the investment bank I wondered where all the working mothers were. What happened to all these high-achieving women?

I learned that my experience was not unique. There are millions of women and parents who similarly struggle and for various reasons off ramped at work. From fertility challenges, to diagnosis in pregnancy, to infant loss, to mental health crises, not to mention dealing with the return to normalcy after an under supported time of change. I realized the most normal change in life needs better.”

Emily Klingbeil

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Our comprehensive support ushers you through the challenges of working parenthood and encourages you to uncover new confidence and strength in who you have become. Let us accompany you on your journey!

Phoebe's Advisors

Phoebe’s advisors bring decades of experience in healthcare, design, analytics and entrepreneurship. They are innovators and founders and add exceptional expertise to our mission.

Our Values


Lifelong growth and transformation happen with access to empathetic guidance and a space to be open.


Information shared is vetted and can be trusted. Acknowledge and accept the truth that the struggle is real and transformational.


Meet life’s unexpected difficulties with individual power and strength.


Honor the journey. It has brought wisdom to your voice.


Find ways to innovate for your life with purpose, so that you may transform in a way that’s authentic to you.


Your journey has made you who you were always meant to be, and for this, you are powerful.