About Phoebe

About Phoebe

Our mission is to harness the power of human connection to enable women to find their compass and chart their course during the most important changes in their lives.

Before we launched Phoebe in 2019, we spoke with over 100 new mothers. We learned that every woman’s story is different, but the underlying wishes are the same. New mothers want high-quality information they can trust, support without judgment, a process to help with the change in sense of self and a place to share their story.

Women want to feel that this journey is meaningful. Because it is.

Currently, we’re focused on late pregnancy and postpartum, but there are other important moments of change we plan to address—such as preconception, fertility, and adjustment to midlife.

This is the beginning of our story.

We can’t wait for you to join us as we write the rest.

Our values


Lifelong growth and transformation happen with access to empathetic guidance and a space to be open.


Information shared is vetted and can be trusted. Acknowledge and accept the truth that the struggle is real and transformational.


Meet life’s unexpected difficulties with individual power and strength.


Honor the journey. It has brought wisdom to your voice.


Find ways to innovate for your life with purpose, so that you may transform in a way that’s authentic to you.


Your journey has made you who you were always meant to be, and for this, you are powerful.

Phoebe's leadership

Phoebe's experts

Phoebe collaborates with a team of top experts. Our experts are your trusted guides who provide high-quality and curated information, wisdom, and support.

In Greek mythology, Phoebe is the Titan of the Moon

Her strength comes from being female, not despite it. Phoebe helps you realize a new kind of strength. A strength built from who you were so you see who you have become.

Join us

Our comprehensive support guides you through the challenges and encourages you to uncover new confidence and strength in who you have become. Let us accompany you on your journey!

Phoebe's advisors

Phoebe’s advisors bring decades of experience in healthcare, design, analytics and entrepreneurship. They are innovators and founders and add exceptional expertise to our mission.