Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to choosing a community to support you through one of your most important transitions in life, we understand it needs to be a good fit. Here are some of the most common questions we get.


What happens if I want to join a group that’s already started? +

No problem! You’ll still get your pre-birth call with our postpartum doula. Enrollment is ongoing and you’ll have access to all materials and expert sessions since they’re all recorded.

What’s it like to be in a group? +

It’s up to you! Since Phoebe is take-what-you-need, our members use it in different ways. Some members prefer to engage more than others and attend every Zoom coffee meetup and ask questions online in the private Facebook group. Others don’t attend any online meetups and only download the resources for the specific support they need—like pelvic floor or emotional wellbeing. Since every pregnancy and postpartum is different, we designed Phoebe to fit what you need and not the other way around.

I find a lot of mom groups are judgmental, how are you different? +

This isn’t your ordinary mom’s group. Each group is selective with members matched by location and due date. Then the group is supported by experts who know how to support in a non-judgmental and caring way. We design the experience such that it’s the supportive place we all wish for.

What’s included in my Phoebe membership? +

Membership includes:

  1. Access to curated educational content that’s available for download or watching on video via Zoom and Facebook Live. Topics offer pre- and post-birth support including sleep and infant care, infant feeding (including breastfeeding, pumping, and formula), postpartum care, physical recovery, mental health, back to work tips, and much more.
  2. The ability to ask any question—at any time—to our team of experts and get same-day feedback
  3. Two or three hour-long phone calls—one pre-birth call with our birth doula and one or two post-birth calls with our postpartum doula
  4. Community with other members at a similar stage of pregnancy through a private group on Facebook and meetups on Zoom
  5. If you need additional one-on-one support, you can hire any of our experts for virtual consults. Most of them accept insurance and all have pre-negotiated rates for members

Can I sign up month-to-month? +

We designed Phoebe as a four-month experience to provide optimal support during the end of pregnancy and into postpartum. It also enables our experts to really get to know you and accompany you through one of the most important transitions in life. However, if you’re not quite ready to commit to four months of Phoebe, sign up for one month to make sure we’re a good fit.

I’m not a first time mom, is this for me? +

Yes, we have both first-time and more experienced moms in every group. Our more experienced moms may use Phoebe a bit differently. Since they’ve experienced it before, they tend to know what they will need ahead of time. But every pregnancy is different, so you can still pick and choose what you need.

What happens if I deliver early, before the group meets the first time? +

This happens from time to time. Don’t worry. For members who deliver on the earlier side of each group, we offer curated content just for you to make sure it is timely.

How much does Phoebe cost? +

Membership costs $345 for 16 weeks months. We support your journey from late pregnancy through postpartum and most members sign up around 32-36 weeks pregnant.

How many members does Phoebe have? +

Each group has 30-40 members and 9 experts who support them. We offer 3-4 groups a year and members are matched by due date.

Group and personalized support

I already have a birth and postpartum doula, do I need Phoebe? +

Phoebe is a safety net that will last long after your birth doula and postpartum doula exit the picture. It is designed to be comprehensive and have experts in all areas that relate to late pregnancy and postpartum and also offers community and peer support! Phoebe is priced for real people so it can be complimentary to your other providers.

What pregnancy and postpartum topics do you cover online? +

We offer about 50 online Facebook Live sessions and Zoom calls for members throughout the four-month membership. We cover topics like “what to pack for the hospital”, “how to stay at home comfortably prior to giving birth”, “how to get a good latch”, “how to increase milk supply”, and “what to expect with sleep on week one versus week four”. It’s very comprehensive and changes as we go along.

Do I have to be a member of Facebook to be a member? +

No, it’s not required—but if you’re on Facebook, you’ll be able to connect and engage more your the group. Each group has a private Facebook group moderated by Phoebe where we host Facebook Lives and post resources to view and download. But we’ve moved a lot of our session to Zoom and also post recorded videos for you to download at any point. Plus any 1:1 interaction or clinical support happens on the phone or in-person.

What support is personalized? +

Personalized support happens in two different ways. Our birth doula is available for a 1:1 pre-birth call. Our postpartum doula is available for a 1:1 post-birth call. You can also receive 1:1 support from any of our experts for an additional cost. This can be virtual or in-person and depends on your specific needs.

What and how is support offered in a group setting? +

Each group of members is connected online through a private Facebook group. Our experts deliver their content and education through Facebook and Zoom in the group setting. This is the place to ask questions, learn and connect.

Pregnancy and postpartum services and experts

What kinds of topics do your experts cover? +

We consider ourselves a take what you need, one-stop-shop for late pregnancy and postpartum. We cover pre-birth, sleep and infant care, infant feeding including breastfeeding, pumping and formula, postpartum care, physical recovery, mental health, back to work, and much more.

Do you have a doctor on call? +

Many of our experts are PhDs in their field and we do offer vetted referrals if we don’t have what you need. However, the purpose of Phoebe is for community, education, support, and mentorship. We are not a clinical service. All clinical support is HIPPA compliant and happens one-on-one and not in the group setting.

Can you help with my birth plan? +

Yes. When you become a member you get a 1:1, hour-long phone call with our postpartum doula to discuss your birth plan. Most members find this phone call extremely valuable and adequate. If you need additional support you can hire any one of our birth or postpartum doulas for an hourly rate.

How far into postpartum do you offer support? +

That depends on when you give birth. However, the basic membership is for four months and you can stay longer month-to-month. Right now our expert support goes up to 6 months. NYC member alumni are free to join our monthly coffee meetups.

What support do you offer before the baby is born? +

We offer several online sessions with our birth doulas and postpartum doulas that help members prepare, whether vaginal or C-section. And for our NYC members, we typically offer two in-person meetups pre-birth—one to meet other members and Phoebe’s experts and another which is more of a panel and Q&A with our experts.

Can I still be a member if I’m already part of a moms group in my neighborhood? +

Absolutely. Phoebe is not a typical mom’s group. We offer expert support that is comprehensive (from pre-birth to postpartum with many different experts that follow our members throughout), non-judgmental space for community and a frame for the journey for late pregnancy through postpartum.


Can I still join Phoebe if I already have a doula? +

Definitely. Phoebe is not replaced by a doula, per se. Phoebe offers community, education, and support and makes this rite of passage to motherhood special. Our service and community last much longer than a typical doula service and, if anything, is complimentary.

If I join Phoebe, should I still get a doula? +

This is totally dependent on you and your needs. Some of our members have a birth doula or a postpartum doula and still use Phoebe. We think the services are complimentary.

Do your experts accept insurance? +

Many of them accept various insurance plans with just a co-pay and in most cases personalized care is reimbursable through insurance. For all other cases, we have pre-negotiated rates.

Do your experts do private home or virtual visits? +

Yes, all of our experts provide 1:1 care to our members. If you live in the NYC metro area, in-person or virtual are available. For all other locations, our experts offer virtual care.

In-person meetings

Can I host a meeting on my own with others in my group? +

Absolutely! We encourage this and support it. At the start of each group we prepare a list of all the members, their emails, due dates and location. Sometimes members connect on their own for a stroller walk or a coffee. We think that’s great!

When and where are your in-person meetups? +

We offer several opportunities for in-person connection. Each group typically offers three in-person events: two at the beginning and one near the end of the four months. We do this because it’s hard for members to meet up right before and following birth. We also have coffee member meetups that we offer on the third Wednesday of every month. These are ongoing for all Phoebe members (current and Alumni) and take place at different locations in NYC and Brooklyn (right now these are Zoom calls due to COVID-19).

What happens if I can’t attend one of the meetings? +

No big deal! Nothing is mandatory. Phoebe is a take-what-you-need model and we encourage our members to do what works for them.

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