Motherhood from the inside out

Phoebe joins women in their journey through motherhood with tools, wisdom, and connection at the end of pregnancy into postpartum. Because when a baby is born, a mother is too.

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Comprehensive Support in One Place

You want to feel prepared in pregnancy. But it’s hard to find a flexible set of resources you can trust, designed for what you need.  Phoebe pulls it all together.

We provide a safety net to pregnant and postpartum women by offering support—regardless of where you are in the world.

First Time Mom in New York City

“Joining Phoebe was the single best thing I did for myself as a first-time mom. It was so great that I gifted Phoebe to my friend when she got pregnant.”

—Alita, Enablement Lead from Brooklyn

How Phoebe Works

Once you become a member, we connect you with a community of other women at a similar stage in pregnancy. Then, a team of experts guides you from pregnancy through postpartum, sharing information and high-quality resources when you need them most.

As a member, you’ll have access to:

Meaningful Connection

Connect with other women at a similar stage of pregnancy on Zoom and other digital platforms for social cohesion and community during COVID-19. Members also have access to a private, moderated Facebook group.

High-Quality Information

Curated resources and sessions on breastfeeding, infant care, mental health, physical recovery, and more, hosted by a team of top experts who accompany each group through their membership.

Trusted Experts, Better Support

Postpartum doula-trained team leaders provide personalized support and cheerleading when you need a boost. Experts are available for guidance, consultations, and high-quality, vetted referrals.

A Focus on Your Experience

Phoebe is a place that celebrates each unique journey—if, when, and how it’s needed. Our support helps new and experienced mothers create meaning and adjust to a new sense of self.

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Due to COVID-19, we’ve moved all of our support online.

Fall 2020 Group
for women giving birth September through November

Winter 2021 Group
for women giving birth December through February

We are here for you

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Who We Are

Phoebe was founded by Emily Klingbeil, a Harvard MBA with 17 years of experience in investment banking, research and investor relations, and Lucy Hutner, MD, a Harvard-trained reproductive psychiatrist and leading national expert in women’s reproductive mental health.

We brought together a team of top experts, hand-selected for their expertise in women’s reproductive health, including mental health, breastfeeding, physical recovery, infant care and more.

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Phoebe's Experts

Our team of top experts provide high-quality, curated information and guidance. Topics include delivery, breastfeeding, infant sleep, emotional health, physical recovery, mindfulness, and life/work balance.

Manon Chevallerau

Infant Care Expert & Postpartum Doula

Sneha Gazi, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist & Pelvic Health Specialist

Barbara Ryan

IBCLC: Infant Feeding & Lactation Expert

Join Phoebe and experience motherhood the way it’s best for you

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