Phoebe’s Postpartum Plan Guide

Use our guide to help you plan for the initial weeks post baby. If you have a birth plan, you should definitely have a postpartum plan. Let us help you get started.

Why make a postpartum plan?

The first days and weeks at home with a newborn involve a lot of planning and moving parts. A postpartum plan can help you think through your needs and make sure you have the right support in place. It will also strengthen your self-confidence as a new parent.   Our postpartum plan is a guide to help you think through some of the key questions you should ask yourself and your family as you plan for the weeks after birth.

What is in the Postpartum Plan Guide?

This guide should not be another item on your to do list. It is a resource to help you think through your needs and plan for them. You can just browse it, or fill out parts of it, or fill out all of it. Do what will be most helpful for you. Our postpartum plan template will help you:

  • Vet visitors so you have more help and less work in the early days
  • Plan out support with chores and meals
  • Think about baby care essentials in advance
  • Make sure siblings and pets have attention and care planned out
  • Assess your needs as a new mom / birth parent
  • Know where to get professional help if you want it
  • Start thinking about leave and returning to work
  • Get a glimpse of budgeting adjustments you may need to make

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