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The moving target of balance in motherhood

As I slink out of a dark bed, careful not to disturb the pillows and covers, I turn and take one last look at my sleeping daughters – laid out like football players signaling a touchdown. They are 5 years […]

Getting ready for the post-birth hospital stay

Let’s set the scene: You’re packing your hospital bag. You’re 37 weeks pregnant and feeling like anything could happen at any moment, but you’re also worried that maybe you’ll just be pregnant forever. You’ve washed all those cute little onesies […]

Traveling with children and actually relaxing!

Many of us travel over the holidays. Some of us are traveling somewhere warmer or taking a much needed break from work.  Some of us travel to family gatherings that we may not be so excited about.  We may be […]

Kindness + Compassion for Yourself in Tough Moments

Self compassion through meditation – my personal experience As a meditator for over 15 years I find myself gravitating more and more toward compassion practices.  It may well likely be the state of the world, at this time.  It is […]

Expert Tips: Preparing for your birth

Michelle‘s Tips for preparing to become a parent. Becoming a parent is one of the hugest life transitions you will ever experience. Preparing for your birth is like planning a wedding. You spend a lot of time preparing to all […]

Preparing for birth: how a doula can help

Preparing for birth and the role of a birth doula Women have attended other women’s birth throughout the course of history and across cultures. Women have also supported other women, new mothers, in their recovery from childbirth. In a way, […]