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5 tips to build a mindset for fitness success. Master your mind

When I first started my business, I was completely focused on changing lives by providing resources and designing customized programs. What I soon realized is that the heart of what I do is actually centered on coaching, particularly mindset coaching. Why? […]

How to get started with post pregnancy fitness

Post pregnancy fitness is a topic gets a lot of attention.  Social media is full of before and after posts.  Unfortunately, as a woman, it is pretty common to get asked when or how you will get your body back […]

Pelvic floor therapy and your postpartum recovery plan

The pelvic floor supports your body before, during, and after pregnancy.  It is an incredibly important part of postpartum recovery but very few women know about it.  Even less receive pelvic floor therapy.  We spoke with Dr. Sneha Gazi to […]

What you should know about your pelvic floor

The pelvic floor. You need to know about it if you are pregnant or have had children. In France, all women receive Pelvic Floor rehabilitation as part of their postpartum medical care.  Here in the US, very few women know […]

The moving target of balance in motherhood

As I slink out of a dark bed, careful not to disturb the pillows and covers, I turn and take one last look at my sleeping daughters – laid out like football players signaling a touchdown. They are 5 years […]

Body and mind recovery after baby

Motherhood is the fork in the road of your health and life.  If it’s taken as an opportunity to heal, it is possible to get into the best shape of your life.  And by best shape of your life, I […]