Life and Work
Coaching Series

Reflect and take a positive step forward in your professional and personal goals with our one-of-a-kind program for working parents.

We know the journey
can be hard

Often as we transition from being successful career people to successful parents with careers, we become caught up in our daily pursuits and simply surviving. We get distracted from who we are and where we’re heading. Our 8-week Life-Work Coaching Series invites you to step back, reflect, and re-engage with important questions about parenthood, family life and your career.

Designed for
tangible results

We developed our Life & Work Coaching Series with a Harvard-trained psychologist with expertise in group and behavioral psychology. This isn’t just a space for important conversations—this is a thoughtfully curated and interactive experience designed for impact. You will be in a new place when you finish.


Gain a clearer sense of your priorities and values


Learn how to successfully balance your career and personal goals


Understand how to acknowledge and cope with new emotions

decision making

Identify your options and learn how to let go of guilt


Practice working through blockers to increase motivation


Gain strength from community and shared experiences with peers

How it works

Over the course of 8 weeks, we give you the knowledge and support you need to become empowered and find balance as a working parent. We cover topics like parental guilt, sharing the work, parenting and partnership, new and shifting priorities, and fostering a more successful integration of work and life.


Sign up for our 8-week Coaching Program and be matched with a group of 6-8 peers


Be guided through our self-discovery exercise to understand your baseline


Attend 7 hour-long group sessions scheduled at convenient times for working parents


Receive 2 one-hour private coaching sessions for personalized support

No two journeys
are the same

We recognize that no two journeys are the same which is why our series focuses on the common threads we all share. This approach enables us to offer tangible results to diverse participants.

This program will be a good fit for you if you:

  • Want to be proactive and empowered to make informed choices
  • Desire a smooth transition back to work after parental leave
  • Want to find balance between your career and parenting
  • Worry about division of work in your home
  • Want to renegotiate the terms of your return to work
  • Feel like your personal identity has shifted

Reserve your space today

Our next Life and Work Coaching Series begins in June. Spots are limited so get in touch with us to learn more and reserve your space now!