Find your compass and chart a course

Becoming a mother is one of the hardest and best things a woman can go through. Because it changes us—from the inside out. 

Each Journey is Unique

Your journey is your own. It won’t be like your friend’s or even your mother’s. As women, we often put pressure on ourselves to control it, keep it together, take change in stride, and downplay uncertainty. We are told to be excited, to celebrate. But some of us feel muted and have self-doubt. Others of us are elated and adjust easily. Whatever you’re feeling, it’s real.

You are changing.

From the outside, we hear that we can be super-heroes, that we can do it all, that we can do nothing, or that we can buy this or that to be better. None of that actually addresses our true needs. Now, there is something that does.

Phoebe is a place of refuge.

Where community is formed by women giving birth around the same time. Where support is comprehensive—because no two women have the same experience. Where wisdom is shared and celebrated. Where experts are trained to help you find the answers that are right for you. Because we give birth in a broken world. Phoebe seals the cracks.

Phoebe is named for the titan of the moon. Her strength comes from being female—not despite it. Phoebe helps you realize a new kind of strength.

A strength built from who you were, so you can see who you have become.

We’re Here for You

When it comes to choosing a community to support you through one of your most important transitions in life, we understand it needs to be a good fit. Our co-founder, Emily Klingbeil, can answer any questions you may have.

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Phoebe Is

A Focus on Your Experience

  • All along the way, we help you reflect on your journey and find your new voice, whether it is by hearing your birth story or by listening to a story you really need to tell

Meaningful Connection

  • A group of fellow members matched by due date
  • Online meetups via Zoom and Google Hangouts and a private Facebook group
  • Alumni members on-hand to provide hyperlocal resources and connection
  • A mix of one-on-one support and lively group discussions

High-Quality Information

  • A team of top experts joins each group throughout the four months, getting to know each member and her journey from late pregnancy through postpartum
  • Experts provide curated information and guidance on everything from mental health, to breastfeeding, to infant care and sleep, and more
  • Topics driven by group needs and interests; recent topics include: increasing your milk supply, postpartum physical recovery, and getting your needs met through effective communication

Trusted Providers, Better Support

  • Postpartum doula-trained team leaders provide personalized support, guidance, and cheerleading when you need a boost
  • Access to vetted clinicians and top-quality referrals matched by your geographic location
  • Experts readily available for home visits and phone consultations

Phoebe's Experts

Phoebe collaborates with a team of top experts who join you throughout your journey into motherhood. Experts become trusted guides who provide high-quality and curated information, wisdom, and support.

Sneha Gazi, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist & Pelvic Health Specialist

Joyce Havinga, DONA

Birth Doula

Jackie Stewart, MA

Meditation Expert

The new face of strength