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How to write your maternity leave out-of-office email

You’ve let your employer know that you are expecting a baby. You’ve prepped for your time away and done your part to get your team ready to handle things without you. You have waited at least nine months for the […]

7 tips for coping as a parent

Our expert interview series continues with a great chat with art therapist Liza Mordkovich. Our discussion explores how parents can take care of themselves because by taking care of themselves they take care of their children. Liza brings a wealth […]

Our top tips for returning to work after maternity leave

Returning to work after maternity leave is a huge transition. Coping with a new schedule that includes caring for a baby is an undertaking that is hard to express. Being away from your team and responsibilities and then returning as […]

Introducing good enough parenting for you now

Stephanie Sackerman is a mom, a former educator and a mindful mom coach. She blends her background as a certified wellness coach, mindfulness teacher, and positive discipline parent educator to support moms to feel nourished, empowered, and confident. She helps […]

Spotting emotional burnout and using art to support wellbeing

Emotional burnout is a term we are hearing more often. With so many external stressors, expectations and demands, we can find ourselves working toward emotional burnout. The good news is that it is both avoidable and treatable.  There are many […]

Working and Parenting at Home Through the Pandemic

Parenting and working from home through Coronavirus There is no magic solution to the unusual situation we find ourselves in. The outbreak of Covid-19 has put many families into uncharted territory. There are intentions and habits we can put in […]

Shifting the realities of working parents

What is it really like to be a working parent?  We have spoken with many career-driven working parents and have heard similar stories. The reality of new parenthood was different from their expectations. They were surprised by just how intense […]