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Thriving as a single parent

We talked to Erica, a mom of a three year old and the owner of a growing business, about single parenthood. She gave us an intimate and honest account of what it is really like and how she makes it […]

Becoming a parent – stories from our providers

The transition to parenthood can be full of surprises, even for those parents who work in the birth world. Our wonderful interviewees Jeanette Samyn: Birth and Postpartum Doula Simone Toomer: Birth and Postpartum doula, Childbirth Educator, Lactation Counselor and La […]

Making a Postpartum Plan

Most people who are pregnant are familiar with the idea of writing a birth plan (or more commonly “birth preferences” since truly, it’s hard to plan how labor and birth will unfold!), but too few parents-to-be think about sitting down […]

Radical self care in five simple steps

My personal journey and self care  For the last four months, I set out on a bit of a challenge and adventure with my family involving travel and homeschooling. I learned so much that I wish I knew when I […]

Expert Tips: Preparing for your birth

Michelle‘s Tips for preparing to become a parent. Becoming a parent is one of the hugest life transitions you will ever experience. Preparing for your birth is like planning a wedding. You spend a lot of time preparing to all […]

Preparing for birth: how a doula can help

Preparing for birth and the role of a birth doula Women have attended other women’s birth throughout the course of history and across cultures. Women have also supported other women, new mothers, in their recovery from childbirth. In a way, […]