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16 weeks pregnant: what is happening and what to do

At 16 weeks pregnant your baby is truly beginning to look like a little human, and your body may experience some very noticeable changes to support that growth. It is a special time for a mother and a family, as […]

When do you feel the baby kick?

What to expect each month. Experiencing the baby kicking in utero is one of the many fun parts of being pregnant. It enables you to bond with your baby before you can hold it in your arms. It is something […]

The third trimester: what is happening and what to do

The time has come! The third trimester of pregnancy is in many ways the height of the pregnancy experience. Your baby will be experiencing the fastest period of growth and will be rapidly functioning as a little human. Your body […]

Sympathy Pains

What they are, what causes them, and how to cope. While it may be funny to think of men walking around with their hands on their hips and easing into their chair in the throws of sympathy pains during their […]

Swollen feet during pregnancy

What are the causes and what can you do? While there are so many joys that the nine months waiting for your baby brings, swollen feet is probably not on the top of your list. Having swollen feet or ankles […]

Pregnancy cravings

We have all heard about the funny foods and food combinations that women crave during pregnancy: pickles with ice cream, Cheetos dipped in who knows what, cranberry juice for the first time ever, French toast with peanut butter and jelly. […]

Pregnancy brain

You’re not alone! Our tricks for getting through and thriving Did you forget your keys? Maybe your pregnancy brain is to blame… “Pregnancy brain” or “mommy brain,” is one of the most universal symptoms of pregnancy. It impacts women often […]

How do I find a doula near me, and do I need one?

Doulas are more and more becoming an integral part of a family’s birth experience. The field has grown with each year. There is now an incredible number of doulas available in many niche areas and with priceless expertise that can […]