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Creating a postpartum plan

Having a postpartum support plan will help you take care of yourself, set healthy boundaries, and ensure your needs can be well taken care of while you transition to new parenthood. New mom or dad, you are preparing for a […]

Navigating the motherhood identity crisis

For many, becoming a mother is a huge identity shift. We don’t often hear the good stories, and the word “postpartum” is frequently associated with some kind of loss or crisis. We hear phrases like “Motherhood identity crisis,” “Motherhood identity […]

What you should know about your pelvic floor

The pelvic floor. You need to know about it if you are pregnant or have had children. In France, all women receive Pelvic Floor rehabilitation as part of their postpartum medical care.  Here in the US, very few women know […]

Simple nutrition for new parents

Easy nutrition when nourishing the new parent We can be so preoccupied with tending to the needs of our babies that we neglect our own nutritional needs and overall well-being. We’re running on less sleep, we feel exhausted, we may […]

Find balance and heal with Acupuncture

How have you used acupuncture to support wellness and recovery for new moms? Due to the nature of the birthing process, many of our patients struggle with hip or pelvic pain and discomfort for several weeks after the birth of […]

The moving target of balance in motherhood

As I slink out of a dark bed, careful not to disturb the pillows and covers, I turn and take one last look at my sleeping daughters – laid out like football players signaling a touchdown. They are 5 years […]

Coping With Anxiety During Pregnancy and Postpartum

We have all experienced anxiety, uncertainty, a feeling of being overwhelmed and not able to control our thoughts or emotions at one time or another. In the sleep deprived, sometimes stressful transition to new motherhood, these feelings may seem heightened. […]