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What should I prepare for postpartum?

How to expect the unexpected and still plan for it all Getting ready for a baby to come can be a lot of fun. It can also be a bit disorienting for new parents. Where to begin? Is it just […]

Making the most of your parental leave time

Why you should take the time and how to enjoy every minute The early days after a new baby joins the family are special ones. They also have far-reaching family and societal implications that are beginning to be understood on […]

How do I find a doula near me, and do I need one?

Doulas are more and more becoming an integral part of a family’s birth experience. The field has grown with each year. There is now an incredible number of doulas available in many niche areas and with priceless expertise that can […]

Real support for breastfeeding parents

Andrea Syms-Brown is an IBCLC, a board-certified lactation consultant, that practices breastfeeding support in New York City and globally. Andrea is an IBCLC, which is a board-certified lactation consultant. She joined us to talk about how we can better support […]

What is the postpartum period and how long does it last

While there is a lot of discussion around the postpartum period, when it comes to a woman’s recovery from giving birth, these discussions are often missing anything about the postpartum timeline. The postpartum recovery timeframe is completely left out. With […]

Getting started with Kegels postpartum

The idea of Kegel exercises is probably not a new one to most women, especially new moms. Discussions about the “pelvic floor” have become much more common over the last several years, along with the benefits of Kegels for all […]

Baby blues or something more?

As a perinatal therapist, I help women navigate the challenges of motherhood starting as early as the first positive test. What I have learned throughout this work, is there are many misconceptions about motherhood, including the experience of postpartum depression. […]

5 returning to work after maternity leave emotions

You’ve been through a lot, mama! Nine months of carrying your baby inside of your belly followed by the birth and the excitement and stress of caring for an infant. Just when you are starting to get the hang of […]

What mom needs in the first weeks after birth

Shopping for baby clothes, completing a registry, and opening baby shower gifts are such fun parts of having a baby. Who doesn’t love tiny booties, onesies with clever prints, and Sofie the giraffe? Heck, even newborn diapers are cute! But […]