Life & Work Coaching (w.coaching) (lazard)

Life & Work Coaching (w.coaching) (lazard)


$2500 one-time payment



Often as we transition from being successful career women to successful mothers with careers, we become caught up in our daily pursuits and simply surviving. Our 8-week Life-Work Coaching Series invites you to step back, reflect, and re-engage with important questions about motherhood, family life and your career.

This series is right for you if:

  • You want to be pro-active and empowered in how you integrate your work life and your personal life

  • You are worried about (or currently struggling with) being successful at work as a mother

  • You want a smoother transition back to work and a better balance between your work life and home life

  • It feels like your personal identity has shifted—or even like you’ve lost a piece of your former self

  • You are worried about division of work in your home or are doing more than the lion’s share of the work

  • You want to renegotiate the terms of your return to work

This program runs for 8 weeks and includes hour long group sessions held at convenient times, two private
coaching sessions, and a personalized baseline assessment. Sessions are run in a small group format.