Advanced Boundaries Workshop

Advanced Boundaries Workshop


$75 one-time payment



We spent 8-weeks with you in Life & Work Coaching and still felt there was an opportunity to do more, particularly around setting boundaries. 

What can you expect?

      • Exploring your own personal beliefs of what you can and cannot control
      • How to come to terms with challenging situations and relationships so you can set effective boundaries
      • The space to explore, workshop, and problem-solve areas that you struggle to set boundaries in
      • Takeaways and ongoing practices to become better at boundary setting

Is this right for me?

      • You struggle to set boundaries in certain areas and want to gain more tools
      • You find yourself trying to control relationships/situations OR find yourself feeling helpless in relationships/situations
      • You want to develop a more realistic perspective of certain challenging situations
      •  You want to get better at understanding what you actually have control over vs. what you do not