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You want to feel prepared in pregnancy. But it’s hard to find a flexible set of resources you can trust, designed for what you need. Phoebe pulls it all together so you can get the expert guidance you need from the comfort of your own home.

16 Weeks of Phoebe

Week 1

Our first week’s activities are designed to build community and allow us to get to know you—so we can be sure to meet your needs through your journey.

  • Zoom session to meet the women in your group and your team of experts
  • Access to your group’s private Facebook group
  • One-hour pre-birth phone call with your postpartum doula

Weeks 2-16

Now you’ve met each other and your support team. Next, the support happens! Our team of experts delivers educational content, mentorship, and answers all your questions throughout. We cover everything from what to take to the hospital, to how to get a good latch for breastfeeding, all the way to emotional support and physical recovery.

  • 3-5 weekly Facebook Live or Zoom informational sessions with your experts on different topics
  • Weekly “coffee meetups” for members on Zoom
  • One-hour post-birth phone call with your postpartum doula
  • Ask any question through text or in the secret Facebook group to our experts at any time
  • Get additional 1:1 support with experts or vetted referrals as needed

Week 16

Our last week is a chance to reflect and connect over how far we’ve come.

  • Postpartum group session
  • Tell your birth story. One on one call to tell your story and we gift it back to you (a member favorite)
New Mom from Tribeca in New Mom group

"Phoebe has experts in every field—lactation, relationships, physical recovery—in a super user-friendly format. You can watch the videos live or on-demand any time and everyone is very responsive."


We Are Here for You

Gain access to the tools, resources, and experts you need for pregnancy and postpartum, all in one place.

Fall 2020 Group   |   giving birth August through November

Winter 2021 Group   |   giving birth December through February


Curated Content, Just for You

Our team of top experts follows each group from late pregnancy into postpartum, providing high-quality, curated information and nonjudgemental guidance. Topics vary each session and are driven by group needs and interests. Below is a sample of the information offered through over 50 interactive video sessions and downloadable resources—so you can access at your own speed and from the comfort of your own home.

Before You Give Birth

  • The products you need for postpartum
  • Colostrum harvesting prior to birth
  • Preparing for breastfeeding prior to birth and an intro to pumps
  • Preparing for baby’s arrival and finding a pediatrician

Birth Basics

  • Support for birth and gentle yoga for recovery
  • Labor movements in triage and the hospital
  • Staying home confidently prior to birth

Infant Feeding

  • Latch and positioning essentials
  • How much milk your infant really needs from day 1 to 14
  • How to increase your milk supply
  • Oral functional issues in newborns
  • Complementary foods with breastfeeding
  • Medications and breastfeeding

Infant Care and Sleep

  • Basics of newborn care and sleep
  • Babywearing
  • Newborn adjustments, gas, spit-ups, and colic
  • Newborn socializing months 1-2
  • Newborn development months 2-6, what to expect
  • Newborn Warning Signals

Emotional Health

  • Setting boundaries
  • Getting your needs met with interpersonal effectiveness skills
  • Meditation
  • Postpartum mental health: myths vs facts
  • Postpartum anxiety

Physical Recovery

  • Diastasis recti prevention, perineal massage, and body mechanics
  • Postpartum recovery: what it looks like and how to cope
  • Pelvic floor 101
  • Gentle prenatal yoga for late pregnancy
  • Perineal massage guide

Recipes, Food, and Nutrition

  • Snacks to have on hand list
  • Stocking your pantry guide

Phoebe's Experts

Phoebe collaborates with a team of top experts who join you throughout your journey through motherhood. Our experts are trained to help you find the answers that are right for you.

Adriane Stare

Babywearing Expert

Jessica Angima, MA

Meditation Expert

Chiara Battistello, LICSW, PhD


Want to Learn More?

When it comes to choosing a community to support you through one of your most important transitions in life, we understand it needs to be a good fit. Our co-founder, Emily Klingbeil, can answer any questions you may have.

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