Phoebe's Return to Work Checklist

Returning to work after maternity leave is a huge transition. Coping with a new schedule that
includes caring for a baby is an undertaking that is hard to express. Being away from your team
and responsibilities and then returning as a new mom is a shift for those you work with. Plus,
you now have a crew of people you are coordinating with about the care of your baby to
integrate into everything else you have going on. In some ways, returning to work after
maternity leave is jumping in the deep end right after learning how to do the doggie paddle.
The good news is that a lot of women have done it before you, and that includes our team. Here
are five of our top tips for making it work and being proactive about your success.

What is in Phoebe’s Return to Work Checklist?

Our guide includes a simple checklist with key questions for you to think through before your return and some of our tips.

  • Set realistic expectations
  • Meet with your manager before your return
  • Practice practical self care
  • Communicate and communicate some more
  • Ease back in

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