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Our 4-month membership offers access to all of our experts, online sessions, and curated resources from the comfort of your own home, plus a community of other women who are going through what you are.

Upon joining Phoebe, we’ll determine which of our upcoming groups is the best fit for you and be in touch within 48 hours with next steps.

Membership Benefits

  • Access to curated educational content that’s available for download or watching on video via Zoom and Facebook Live. Topics offer pre- and post-birth support including sleep and infant care, infant feeding (breastfeeding, pumping and formula), postpartum care, physical recovery, mental health, back to work tips, and much more
  • The ability to ask any question—at any time—to our team of experts and get same-day feedback
  • Two hour-long phone calls—one pre- and one post-birth—with our postpartum doula and team leader
  • Community with other members at a similar stage of pregnancy through a private group on Facebook and meetups on Zoom
  • If you need additional one-on-one support, you can hire any of our experts for virtual consults. Most of them accept insurance and all have pre-negotiated rates for members

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First Time Mom in New York City

"Joining Phoebe was the single best thing I did for myself as a first-time mom."

Alita, Enablement Lead from Brooklyn

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