Inclusion in motherhood

We had a wonderful conversation with Christina Lumpkin of J2M fitness about inclusion in motherhood and maternal health.  What does inclusion look like? Why does it matter? and what should we be doing?

We have written about birth equity and the Black maternal health crisis before. There are other areas, beyond maternal health, that we also need to make progress in.

Christina and I discussed inclusion in motherhood.  Motherhood is an experience shared by all mothers.  Yet, it can also be isolating. When a space or a community does not reflect your experiences, your realities and your culture, it can be hard to feel like you belong even when you are experiencing the same life milestone. Inclusion goes beyond diversity. Inclusion is about feeling welcomed. All mothers should feel welcomed in the spaces supporting them as mothers.

Mothers need their experiences to be shared and validated. We write down our birth stories and share them because we know there is immense power in voicing and sharing those experiences and in being heard. The voices and experiences of mothers need to receive equal weight. Black mothers, Latina mothers, all mothers need to know their stories are heard at an equal volume.

“You know, actually allowing someone to take up space and value what they’re saying and respond to it, you know, ask questions to understand and move forward…amplifying women of color does not mean dimming anyone else” – Christina

Watch the full conversation here:

About Christina

Christina Lumpkin is a certified Pre/Post-Natal Fitness Expert, Women’s Fitness Specialist, Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. In addition to her fitness credentials, the former Division I athlete holds a BA in Sociology from Columbia University and MBA in Healthcare Administration from South University. In her 10 years of training, coaching and teaching she’s coached hundreds of Moms-to-Be/Moms to transform their minds, bodies & lives by prioritizing their health day-by-day. She knows firsthand that new Moms need encouragement, resources and support in order to prioritize their health — MORE than just a workout guide or meal plan to see consistent, long-term results. Her business, Journey2Motherhood Fitness (J2M), offers personalized online and virtual programs with health coaching support, mindset motivation and fitness programs for long-term client success. J2M’s mission is to empower Moms by educating them about exercise, lifestyle management, and self-care. If you’re ready to transform your life but don’t know where to begin, see if J2M is a good fit for you.