Support your working parents when they need it most, while increasing engagement, loyalty and delivering ROI

Our holistic model

Phoebe’s platform is designed to support mothers and their families from pregnancy through postpartum and return to work. Our cross-discipline program focuses on attaining measurable outcomes with an evidence-based approach.

Phoebe’s team accompanies members on their unique journey—anticipating needs and providing nonjudgmental guidance and a safety net when it’s needed. This comprehensive approach empowers new parents to confidently navigate life at home and at work—leading to better outcomes for you and your team.

Meaningful connection

Small groups matched by due date and location encourage members to connect with other professionals during what can be an isolating life transition. Phoebe offers a safe space for personal validation and group processing.

Mental health focus

Developed by a leading expert in reproductive psychiatry, our program uplifts birthing parents during times of great change and vulnerability. Phoebe was designed to early-detect and prevent Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders.

Comprehensive support

Phoebe’s curated content from pregnancy and postpartum experts nurtures self-assured parents. Our work-life integration curriculum includes goal setting and tools for your employees to return to work confident and productive.

Personalized journey

Phoebe meets your employees where they are—because no two journeys are the same. We support birth parents of all gender identities, as well as partners and non-traditional family structures. All members get the support they need, when they need it, and in whatever way that works best for them.

Measurable results

Allowing Phoebe to care for your employees can have a tremendous impact. Our program’s positive results demonstrate a high-level of satisfaction and engagement.

Satisfied members

86 Net Promoter Score
compared to 27 for healthcare companies

Frequent usage

70% of members
are moderate to high users

High retention

92% of members
complete the program

“Phoebe has been such an amazing gift during my postpartum journey. I still brag to my friends about how unbelievably supportive Morgan Stanley is of new mothers to offer a service like this. It makes me proud to be part of a company so focused on helping women, mothers and families.”

— Neeti Deoras

The Phoebe difference

After pregnancy, many mothers struggle to return to work. Retaining new parents is important because losing them has so many costs. Smarter support from pregnancy through postpartum and the return to work is cost effective and leads to better outcomes—for everyone.


the average cost to acquire a new employee

45 days

the average number of days a position remains open

1.5 - 2x

the estimated cost of turnover is 1.5 to 2 times the cost of an employee’s salary

Partner stories

“Feedback for Phoebe has been phenomenal, and in a year like COVID, it has been so rewarding to have a resource like Phoebe that can help our parents when they need it the most. What’s great about Phoebe is there is no one way to use the platform. From on demand content, to virtual support groups, to 1×1 consultations and personalized check ins, we found the service has something for everyone. Phoebe has been a powerful tool for moms out on leave and has helped facilitate an easier transition into motherhood and back to work.”

—Head of Family Advocacy, International Securities

Ready to learn more?

When it comes to deciding what benefits to offer your employees, we understand it needs to be a good fit. Request a meeting with Phoebe’s founder and CEO, Emily Klingbeil.