Find balance and heal with Acupuncture

How have you used acupuncture to support wellness and recovery for new moms?

Due to the nature of the birthing process, many of our patients struggle with hip or pelvic pain and discomfort for several weeks after the birth of their baby. We use acupuncture, moxibustion, and a Traditional Chinese Medical massage known as tui na to help tighten up the muscles, ligaments and fascia, that have been stretched out during pregnancy. These modalities reduce pain for the new mother and help them to have a more comfortable postpartum. Essentially, when they are able to care for themselves, they have an easier time caring for their families. Many mothers have active lives, so we are here to support their transition back to the workforce.

What are common issues new moms come to you for help with?

Acupuncture can support wellness and recovery in several different ways.

Spiritual and Emotional:

Acupuncture is effective at renewing mental energy.

  • Sleep: Disrupted sleep cycles and fatigue are common symptoms following childbirth, contributing to what is known as ‘baby blues’.
  • Balance: Chinese Medicine views postpartum comparable to the length of an entire trimester. This is the period following birth where the mother needs to recover from the loss of blood and fluids. Like the winter after a harvest, this is a period of withdrawal and consolidation. The baby still draws its life energy from mom and proper balance between the mom and the baby should be achieved.
  • Stress: We all know high stress levels may aggravate physical symptoms. But stress hormones can also be passed from the mother to the baby. Babies are often in-tune with their mothers and may experience their own physical ailments simply from a stressed mother.


  • SPD: Symphysis Diastasis also known as SPD are common during the birthing process. If surgical intervention is not performed, acupuncture can support the healing through blood circulation and fascial repair. Though less common, injuries to the coccyx (tailbone) may also occur.
  • Scar Therapy: Acupuncture can also help with C-Section recovery and hasten the healing of tears and scars.
  • Lactation: Every new mom is on a lactation spectrum from excess to deficient. Acupuncture along with food and nutritional recommendations assist with regulating proper lactation.
  • Bowel Movements: Acupuncture helps to regulate bowel movements from relieving constipation to diarrhea.

How can acupuncture be used to support wellness as a preventative measure?

Acupuncture works best as a preventative measure.

  • Generate Fluids: It is easier to unblock a river filled with mud than it is to find a new water source to fill an empty river. It has been shown that acupuncture increases blood flow to the body, especially the uterus.
  • Clear Fetal Toxins: There are various reasons toxins can build up in the body. From heavy metals, pesticides, allergies, etc. But we can all agree that stress is a major hormonal culprit. Acupuncture points are classically used to help detox the body.

How does acupuncture influence one’s energy and what are energetic imbalances?

Postpartum is a time of massive energy readjustment. A new mother passes along her hormones, blood, fluids, and energy. The mindset also shifts from self-care to baby-care. A mother’s energy needs to come from a newer, deeper, and more sustainable place. Acupuncture combined with moxibustion and aromatherapy taps into that energy. We advise mothers on nutrition therapy, breathing exercises, and mindful meditation.
We also encourage mothers to train their partners in simple restorative foot-massages and acupressure on specific channels. This is part of their home self-care regimen which is often intimate, restorative, and nurturing.

What are your top three self-care and wellness recommendations for new mothers?

  1.  Nutrition: Nutrient rich and whole food diets are important in generating fluids. We always recommend bone broth and soup for new mothers to replenish collagen. This helps repair the structure of the muscles, ligaments and fascia.
  2. Gentle Activity: Light stretching and gentle aerobics increase blood circulation. Increasing the heart rate and breathing rate allows the body to generate new energy. Self/partner massage of certain acupuncture channels are also encouraged as this brings tender love and care to areas of the body that may be neglected.
  3. Weekly /Bi-weekly Acupuncture: We work with mothers and families through the 4th trimester. We are simply facilitators of self-care and wellness.

About Panos

Health and wellness have been a part of my life as long as I can remember. As a young boy, I accompanied my mom to the health food store and chiropractor, and regularly took handfuls of vitamins on her insistence. At the time, I didn’t see the value in my mom’s efforts, and certainly didn’t consider myself lucky. It wasn’t until I went to college and studied nutrition that I understood the transformative and healing power of holistic medicine, specifically Chinese Medicine. After completing Rutgers, PCOM’s master’s program contained intriguing classes such as point location, pulse and tongue diagnostics, Oriental Medicine theory and herbal medicine prescriptions. I knew I found my passion and completed the Masters in Traditional Oriental Medicine. Acuworx is the culmination of my 19+ years of experience helping thousands of patients achieve and maintain full health.

Degrees & Accreditations:

  • Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine, Pacific College
  • Bachelor of Arts, Rutgers University
  • NCCAOM – Diplomate of Oriental Medicine
  • NJ Acupuncture License No. 25MZ00020000
  • Plus, extensive continuing education in the US and China

About Acuworx

Founded in 2016 by Panos Ioannou, Acuworx is an urban healing oasis committed to helping patients achieve optimal health and wellness. We decided to elevate the patient experience and exceed expectations for what an acupuncture treatment should be.  By not only caring about results, but also by curating every design detail a patient touches, from carefully selected crystals, plants, furniture and signature scents, the studio becomes a place where everyone leaves relaxed and refreshed.  Visits also includes heated tables, infrared heat lamps, aromatherapy, and personalized music selection to create the perfect energetic space for individualized healing & meditation.