Expert Tips: Supporting breastfeeding in the early days

Simone’s Tips for supporting nursing in the early days

New and expecting parents have many concerns around lactation: Will I produce enough milk? Will the baby latch properly? How will I return to my daily routine? and more.


Here are some things families can do to ensure the nursing parent is well supported in the early weeks:
  1. Take a prenatal lactation class or attend a local support group. There are so many expectations of babies and oneself after birth. It is important to have access to evidence based information to ensure one reaches their goals and has proper support.
  2. Have access to local support groups and lactation consultants prior to birth. 3AM is not the time you want to be awake trying to get a deep, painless latch and finding someone to do a home visit the next day. Know your resources before birth from local support groups, doulas and lactation specialists.
  3. Create Snack Stations. Nourished parents can nourish baby. Whether nursing, pumping, bottle feeding or a combo, remembering to fuel yourself is so important. Think of your favorite nutrient dense snacks and put in small baskets in various rooms you may be nursing and/or resting in. My favorites are granola bars, energy balls, fruits and nut butters and coconut water for optimal hydration.
  4. Stock The Freezer. Before birth, maybe your building the bassinet and decorating the nursery
    but don’t forget to stock the freezer. Making easy pop in the oven stews and soups can ease those beginning weeks. Stews, soups and salads are great ways to get some good nutrition into one bowl and nourish your body after all the hard work its just done. Your partner can support your healing and be a vital part of your postpartum team by ensuring you’re eating and hydrating.
  5. Build Community.  Having access to other parents is so important. Perhaps relating to each other, seeking advice, having good laugh or good cry, having support is key.

Meet Simone

Simone is a mom of two, doula and lactation counselor, and a La Leche League leader.