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How do I find a doula near me, and do I need one?

Doulas are more and more becoming an integral part of a family’s birth experience. The field has grown with each year. There is now an incredible number of doulas available in many niche areas and with priceless expertise that can […]

Early signs of pregnancy

Early signs of pregnancy We all know that so-called “morning sickness” is a common early sign of pregnancy, but it is just one of the many possible changes that your body may experience to alert you that you are pregnant. […]

Can I fly while pregnant?

Want to get in a vacation or business trip before the baby comes? Traveling during pregnancy, especially during the second trimester, can be a nice way to enjoy the precious time before baby and traveling with a partner can create […]

Best Sleeping Positions in Pregnancy

Welcome to the fun world of pregnancy, where you have to re-learn how to do many of the day-to-day (or night-to-night) actions that we all take for granted. Even sleep will become more tricky, and not just because of your […]

What does it mean to lose the mucus plug?

Helpful information to help you know what to expect As you approach the day of your baby’s birth, there are a lot of moving parts, so to speak, each with their own purpose and each gearing up to fully prepare […]

How to write your maternity leave out-of-office email

You’ve let your employer know that you are expecting a baby. You’ve prepped for your time away and done your part to get your team ready to handle things without you. You have waited at least nine months for the […]

What do you really NEED for baby’s first year?

There are a lot of posts about what to ask for on your baby registry. A lot of content around shopping lists, hospital bags, and what to buy for your infant. This may be because, for many of us, shopping […]

Experiencing Functional Genomic Fertility 

Learn about a holistic approach to fertility before you venture to assisted, reproductive technologies (ART). You may save time, money, and heartache. Why Functional Genomic Fertility? Ever since I was in high school, I’ve had a passion for nutrition and […]