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3 Core Exercises for New Parents

As you have most likely discovered by now, parenthood is a physical and emotional marathon! There can be dirty diapers, soothing sessions that last for hours, feedings, miscommunications with your partner, and sleepless nights. The idea of exercising may seem […]

Creating a postpartum plan

Having a postpartum support plan will help you take care of yourself, set healthy boundaries, and ensure your needs can be well taken care of while you transition to new parenthood. New mom or dad, you are preparing for a […]

Thriving as a single parent

We talked to Erica, a mom of a three year old and the owner of a growing business, about single parenthood. She gave us an intimate and honest account of what it is really like and how she makes it […]

Parenting as a team

Raising a child together is an incredible experience but it can also be challenging. It takes mindful effort to parent effectively as a team.  We talked to Erin, Mama of an 8 year old and a 10 year old, to […]

How to get started with post pregnancy fitness

Post pregnancy fitness is a topic gets a lot of attention.  Social media is full of before and after posts.  Unfortunately, as a woman, it is pretty common to get asked when or how you will get your body back […]

Pelvic floor therapy and your postpartum recovery plan

The pelvic floor supports your body before, during, and after pregnancy.  It is an incredibly important part of postpartum recovery but very few women know about it.  Even less receive pelvic floor therapy.  We spoke with Dr. Sneha Gazi to […]

Navigating the motherhood identity crisis

For many, becoming a mother is a huge identity shift. We don’t often hear the good stories, and the word “postpartum” is frequently associated with some kind of loss or crisis. We hear phrases like “Motherhood identity crisis,” “Motherhood identity […]

Expert breastfeeding tips

How can parents-to-be prepare themselves for breastfeeding (chestfeeding) ?  While still pregnant, parents-to-be can go to La Leche League Meetings and other breastfeeding support groups where they can see real parents feeding real babies! They will learn what obstacles they […]

Simple nutrition for new parents

Easy nutrition when nourishing the new parent We can be so preoccupied with tending to the needs of our babies that we neglect our own nutritional needs and overall well-being. We’re running on less sleep, we feel exhausted, we may […]