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Inclusion in motherhood

We had a wonderful conversation with Christina Lumpkin of J2M fitness about inclusion in motherhood and maternal health.  What does inclusion look like? Why does it matter? and what should we be doing? We have written about birth equity and […]

7 tips for coping as a parent

Our expert interview series continues with a great chat with art therapist Liza Mordkovich. Our discussion explores how parents can take care of themselves because by taking care of themselves they take care of their children. Liza brings a wealth […]

Getting started with Kegels postpartum

The idea of Kegel exercises is probably not a new one to most women, especially new moms. Discussions about the “pelvic floor” have become much more common over the last several years, along with the benefits of Kegels for all […]

Baby blues or something more?

As a perinatal therapist, I help women navigate the challenges of motherhood starting as early as the first positive test. What I have learned throughout this work, is there are many misconceptions about motherhood, including the experience of postpartum depression. […]

5 things moms can do postpartum to support their mental health

The perinatal period – which lasts from pregnancy until a year after childbirth – is a time of great psychological vulnerability, which has only been heightened due to COVID-19. Approximately one in seven perinatal women will experience depression, anxiety or […]

What do you really NEED for baby’s first year?

There are a lot of posts about what to ask for on your baby registry. A lot of content around shopping lists, hospital bags, and what to buy for your infant. This may be because, for many of us, shopping […]