A doula’s perspective on Homebirth

Who chooses home birth? How do parents know if a Home birth is for them?

Home birth is when a birthing person decides to labor and birth their baby at home. Anyone can chose a home birth. My opinion is that people are not educated enough about home births even though it is now gaining popularity here in the states. Home births and midwives are the norm in many other countries. Midwives provide various options for holistic patient centered care. I tell my clients when considering their birth to really think of the care they want, the conversations and questions they want answered, the choices offered and more. When we look at the standard of care, especially in a time where black women and babies are dying at alarming rates, the US is lacking. Home births are perfect for low risks birthing persons in general and people who want a more private and humanized experience.

How does a doula support home birth preparation during the pregnancy?

As a doula we can support in so many ways around the birth and postpartum period. We can help you find a midwife for care, educate around the birthing process and help prepare your home for the birth, whether that’s blowing up a birth tub, filling it with water or hanging birth affirmations.  

What does it look like for a doula to support a couple during a home birth?

Whether at a hospital, home or birthing center the support can look the same. We may be there longer since midwives honor physiological births and interventions would not be introduced unless absolutely needed, and even then they are holistic ways of managing labor. We are also there longer in the postpartum period to help with cleaning up, ensuring you eat, shower and are resting up.

What are some popular myths about home birth? What do you wish more parents knew about this choice?

Some think home births are outdated and unsafe, but there is something about it that returns us to the ancient wisdom of our ancestors. It is not for everyone but completely safe for low risk birthing persons and in case of an emergency there is always a well thought out plan.

Interested in hearing more?

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Simone‘s Bio

Simone Toomer comes with a passion to serve each family, believing that each should have access to support and resources in a place where many in NYC are distant from their families and dear friends. After the positive natural birth of her daughter, with her doula and partner by her side, Simone wanted to channel her energy in a new direction, by becoming a certified birth and postpartum doula, childbirth educator and doula educator/mentor for her certifying organization Doula Trainings International.

Simone has a BA in psychology, is a birth doula with the Brooklyn Department of Health By My Side Doula Support Program and looks to continue her education to further nurture families and bridge the gap between her community work and passion for social justice and advocacy. Simone is also a Brooklyn based mother of two who enjoys making memories with her family.